Annual Meeting

Annual Membership Meeting


Due to Covid – 19 Public Health Concerns
Related to Large Public Gatherings

Watching out for each other is something we’ve always done here in Acadiana. These days, more than ever.

Watching out for you is priority number one at SLEMCO, which is why we’re cancelling this year’s SLEMCO annual meeting at the Cajun Dome.

As much as we’d love to see you, share ideas, hear your opinions and have a good time, it’ll just have to wait for another time.

Unless a matter develops which would dictate the necessity for a special called membership meeting, our next membership meeting will be the Annual Meeting to be held on June 11, 2022.

The Nominating Committee appointed by the SLEMCO Board of Directors had its Nominating Committee Meeting in accordance with SLEMCO By-Laws.

Since all formalities pursuant to the SLEMCO By-Laws were followed, the Directors nominated by the Committee will continue to serve for another term.

Until then, be strong, be safe and thanks for being part of the pride behind the power, the people of SLEMCO.