Emergency Generator Safety

From floods to hurricanes, the people of Acadiana are always prepared

As a part of our preparations, we have emergency portable power generators.  Used properly, they can be a lifesaver.  If not handled with care, they can be dangerous to you and our linemen.

Before using any portable generator, remember to read the user’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

The best way to use these generators is to install them safely and to use only as much power as is absolutely necessary. For example, if you only need to provide electricity to your refrigerator and a few lights during an outage, the simplest and safest way is to run an extension cord of the correct gauge directly from the generator to the appliance.

It is impractical, and potentially dangerous, to try to supply power to the entire house with a portable generator. Unless certain switches have been installed or a certified electrician has installed the generator, the hookup could be dangerous to you and the SLEMCO employees trying to restore power. The generator itself may even be damaged when power is restored if it has been improperly installed.

Any installation that requires a direct connection to electrical equipment requires a certified electrician. The safety benefits and peace of mind for your family will be well worth the cost.