Electric Safety

Safety Around the Home

  • No Kites Around Power Lines

    Kite string, believe it or not, is a conductor of electricity. So, if your kite gets entangled with a power line you could get electrocuted.

  • Never Touch A Downed Power Line

    Never touch a downed power line with anything. Not with your hand, or a stick or piece of wood. Keep others away and call SLEMCO. ALWAYS assume a downed power line is energized until SLEMCO personnel arrive.

  • Before Installing A TV Antenna On Your Home...

    Make sure it won’t come into contact with any power line, insulated or otherwise. Have someone watch you work to make sure you keep a safe distance between you and any nearby power line. Contact between the antenna and a power line can result in electrocution.

  • Never Climb Electric Substation Fences

    Very high voltage is present inside power substations. The fences are installed to keep you out and safe. Call SLEMCO if a kite, ball or any other item has gone inside the fence of a substation.