SLEMCO Digital Meter Update

SLEMCO To Update Digital Meters In The Near Future

Providers of essential services to communities have a responsibility to keep pace with technology for every citizen and business they serve.  Lagging behind is not an option.

SLEMCO is proud to do its part by updating Meters on every home and business we serve, systemwide.  These new meters represent a technology upgrade that affects us all.


Services Upgrade

Updated Meters transmit data to SLEMCO in near real time which means:

  • Your new updated meter will allow SLEMCO Headquarters to detect outages in near real time, accurate down to a single household.  SLEMCO can respond faster to get homes and businesses back online.
  • Faster and more accurate access to data enables SLEMCO to improve power quality and reduce surges, blinks and spikes.


Look For this Notice on Your Door 

This notice will appear on your door when the Meter Update has been completed.  The update will require a brief interruption of service, so you’ll be required to reset some of the digital devices in your home or business.


Energy Management Upgrade

Updated SLEMCO Meters give residential and commercial customers faster access to more accurate information on their energy usage so they can diagnose ways to control and lower their bills.

For more information or questions call 337-896-5200.