Is Your Attic Underinsulated?

Older the Home, Greater the Waste

According to Utility Bill Busters, as many as one in three American homes are under-insulated. And the older your home is, the more likely yours is one of them.

Heating & Cooling Costs Account for up to 70% of your Power Bill

The Solution is Over Your Head

Heat rises into the attic which is where a lack of insulation is most common. This is also where it hits your wallet the hardest. Wait for the cooler months so you can inspect your insulation without breaking a sweat.

Higher R-Value = Better Insulation

Insulation is measured in R-Values.The higher the R-Value, the more resistant your home is to the transfer of heat. SLEMCO recommends an R-Value of 38 in your attic. At a minimum, you should have an R-30 in your attic. That is about 12″ – 15″ of rock wool or fiberglass insulation.

Doing it Yourself?

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, ask your supplier to recommend a brand that reduces the itchiness that sometimes results from working with fiberglass insulation.