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In the national 2021 J.D. Powers Electric Utility Business Customer Satisfaction Study, Lafayette-based SLEMCO ranked seventh out of the nation’s 145 largest electric utilities. Residential customers in over 101 million households scored their power companies performance based on; power quality and reliability; price; billing and payment; communications; corporate citizenship; and customer care. SLEMCO’s overall score of 808 outpaced the national average of 748.

SLEMCO CEO and General Manager Glenn Tamporello credits the company culture as the reason for the firm’s lofty position in the study. “From the crews in the field to office personnel who help our customers with billing issues, SLEMCO is and always has been woven into the fabric of the Southwest Louisiana. Not one of us considers those we serve to be ‘just customers.’ They’re friends, neighbors and even family. Almost everyone who lives around here knows someone who works for SLEMCO which is one reason we take so much pride in what we do.”

Electric cooperatives like SLEMCO represented fourteen of the top twenty power providers in the study. A fact that might seem surprising to some on Wall Street but not so much to company spokesperson Mary Laurent. “The culture here is deeply rooted in a strong sense of dedication to our customers. We never lose sight of the fact that day or night, we are counted on to provide the most reliable power possible at the best possible price. That culture is at the core of who we are as employees and what our organization stands for as a part of the communities we serve. When you work at SLEMCO, you don’t have a job, you have a calling.”

SLEMCO CEO Glenn Tamporello puts credit for the extraordinary national ranking where he feels credit is most due, “Our employees are the face of who we are. Collectively, they have earned this ranking. Going the extra mile for our customers is simply what we do here. It is what we’ve always done because it is who we are. We are thrilled and humbled that our customers recognize and appreciate our efforts.”

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