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$40,000 Worth of Scholarships per Year

Each year SLEMCO members can enter a random drawing to win one of 20 college scholarships worth $2,000 each for either themselves or their dependent children. The funds can be used by undergraduate students to attend any public Louisiana University or Community College.

Applications will be accepted from February 1st through the first Thursday of May each year. Applications are mailed in all February bills and are available at all area high school guidance counselor offices, the scholarship offices at UL, LSUE or SLCC. During application time, they’re also available to fill out or download here.

Submission Info:

Application Deadline is:
May 2, 2019 – 4:30pm
All mailed submissions must be postmarked by May 2.

Mail applications to:
SLEMCO Scholarship Program
P.O. Box 90866
Lafayette, La 70509

Downloaded Electronic Applications can be emailed to:
If you do not receive an email confirming receipt of your emailed application within 10 working days, please contact SLEMCO.

For more information, contact Lita Mills at 337-896-5384.

SLEMCO 2019 Scholarship Application

Please read all requirements below this application to make sure you are eligible before submitting your form.

In some instances, recipients of the SLEMCO scholarship have been denied other forms of financial aid because of receiving the SLEMCO scholarship.  It is your responsibility to check with the financial aid office at the university you are attending to see if winning the SLEMCO scholarship will affect you.


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Eligibility Requirements

Please read all of these requirements to make sure you are eligible for one of 20 $2,000 scholarships from SLEMCO before submitting your form.

  1.  Student must be a SLEMCO member or a dependent child of legal ward of a SLEMCO member who has been a member in good standing for at least 12 consecutive months as of the application deadline, May 2, 2019.  Proof of legal dependency may be required.  If a dependent, student must remain under ages 24 during 2019.  Only one scholarship will be awarded per family per year.
  2. A student can receive the SLEMCO scholarship only one time.  It is not renewable.  The term of the scholarship will be for one contiguous academic year beginning with the Fall 2019 semester or quarter.  You can only win a SLEMCO scholarship once, but if you don’t win, you can enter again.  Members of a winner’s family can enter.
  3. The scholarship monies can be used by undergraduate students to attend, on a full-time basis, any Louisiana public college or university.  Act #126 of the 1991 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature states that SLEMCO scholarships will not be paid to students attending private universities or trade schools of any kind.  Graduate or doctoral students are not eligible.
  4. A first-time college student applying for the SLEMCO scholarship must have graduated from high school with at least a “C” average or its equivalent.  High school students who apply must be seniors.
  5. A continuing undergraduate student seeking the scholarship must have achieved a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 (on a 4.0 scale) on all prior college work.
  6. This application must be filled out and returned to the Lafayette SLEMCO office by 4:30 p.m. on May 2, 2019; mailed entries must be postmarked by May 2.  If submitted electronically, PDF applications must be e-mailed to by 4:30 p.m. on May 2, 2019.  This is 30 days prior to the 2019 SLEMCO Annual Membership Meeting, which will be held on Saturday, June 1, 2019, at the Lafayette Cajundome.
  7. The recipients will be chosen in a random drawing at the June 1 annual meeting.  The sponsoring member (or member’s spouse) must be present at the meeting.  If the sponsoring member is not present at the meeting, the student will not receive the scholarship should his/her name be called.
  8. Persons whose names are drawn will be required to provide SLEMCO with an official transcript verifying their eligibility within 30 days after the drawing.
  9. SLEMCO will pay $1,000 to recipients at the beginning of the first semester (or quarter).  Payment of the remaining $1,000 will be made after grades are turned in at the end of the semester (or second quarter).  A student will have to provide evidence that he or she successfully completed at least 12 semester hours (or 8 quarter hours) with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 (on a 4.0 scale), except in the case of a first-time freshman.  First-time freshman must achieve a GPA of 1.5 or better in their first semester in order to receive the second semester payment.
  10. There will be no alternates chosen.
  11. Members of the SLEMCO Board of Directors and their children are not eligible.

Answers to FAQs

  • You must be at least a senior in high school to enter.  First-time college freshmen, continuing college students or persons planning to return to college to finish an undergraduate degree are also eligible to enter.
  • All blanks must be filled out or your application will be voided.  Your application must be signed on the spaces provided.
  • The entry deadline is May 2, 2019, at 4:30 p.m. in the Lafayette SLEMCO office; mailed entries must be postmarked by May 2.  Only one application allowed per applicant.  Duplicates or late entries will be voided.
  • If you are living on your own, away from home, you cannot apply under your parent’s name.  You must be a SLEMCO member in order to apply.  Exception:  If you are living away from home specifically to attend college, but your permanent address is still your parent’s home, you can apply.  In order to apply under your parents’ name you must be a legal dependent.  If a dependent, applicant must remain under age 24 during 2019.  Proof of legal dependent status is required.
  • Graduate or doctoral students are not eligible.
  • You can only win a SLEMCO scholarship once, but you don’t win, you can enter again.  Members of a winner’s family can enter.
  • Owners of commercial establishments on SLEMCO may sponsor their children in the drawing only if they own more than 50 percent of the company, corporation or partnership.  Proof of ownership is required when a commercial business sponsors an applicant.