COVID-19 Billing Information

For the past several months, we’ve been working closely with the Louisiana Public Service Commission as they put together consistent guidelines for all utility companies in Louisiana to follow concerning late payments and disconnects during these trying times.

On June 5th, we entered Phase 2 of the Governor’s 3-Phase plan to return to business as usual. As a result, the Louisiana Public Service Commission approved the resumption of late fees and service interruptions for past due accounts.

We will resume assessing late payment fees/charges/penalties on outstanding principal balances for services rendered after July 16, 2020, to customers not timely paying their utility bills.

Though we will be returning to normal business practices beginning July 17th, we are here to help if personal circumstances have left you with a past due SLEMCO bill.  We will be working with our customers, on an individual basis, to work out payment  plans to assist you as we all navigate through what will hopefully be a short future for Covid-19.

If you need a payment plan to pay any unpaid balance for electricity consumed during the March 13, 2020 and July 16, 2020 timeframe, you must call our member service representatives at 337-896-5200 to request one.  Your past due balance can be spread out over twelve months.  If you’d like, login to your SmartHub account before calling so you know the amount of your outstanding balance beforehand.  We stand ready to work out an arrangement that will both fulfill your obligations to pay for electric power used, yet not be an unfair burden on you and your family.